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Early Childhood & Childhood Education

MS Curriculum Requirements > General


General Concentration (N-6, Pre K-6)

Coordinator: Chair, Elementary Education Department 
Office of Elementary Education 257-2860 

The courses in this concentration provide the student with a broad base in curriculum and instruction. 

Reading/Language Arts, Science, Math or Social Studies (15) 

To be selected from: 
EED512 Children's Literature 
EED516 Teaching Reading/Language Arts in Elementary School 
EED709 Workshop in the Teaching of Science in Elementary School 
EED707 Workshop in the Teaching of Mathematics in the Elementary School
EED519 Teaching Social Studies in Elementary School
EED523 Reading in the Primary Grades 
EED524 Reading in the Middle School 
EED716 Science and Math for Young Children
EED793 Models of Teaching

To be approved by advisor. 

Foundations of Education (6) 

SPE565 Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms
EDS581 Racism and Sexism in Education

and one of the following:

EDS538 Psychological Foundations of Education 
EDS539 Social Foundations of Education 
EDS580 Current Issues in Education 
EDS752 Philosophy of Education
EDS793 Critical Pedagogy 

Electives taken under advisement (9) 

EED526 Teaching Writing in the Elementary School 
EED593 Desktop Publishing or equivalent

Research, Evaluation (3) 

To be selected from: 
SED703 Evaluation in Education 
EDI798 Principles of Research 

EED710 Seminar in Elementary Education (3) 
(To be taken after completing 30 credits.) 

Total Credits (36) Credits