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Early Childhood & Childhood Education

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Early Childhood Concentration (B - 2)

Advisor: Dr. Leslie Couse 257-2867

Students enrolled in the Elementary Education graduate program leading to a Master of Science in Elementary Education may choose to concentrate in Early Childhood Education. This early childhood concentration will enhance the student's understanding of how young children, pre-school to third grade, experience and process learning. The student will plan and evaluate appropriate content and learning experiences for these children. In addition, these students also qualify for the Early Childhood annotation to the certificate. This annotation to the transcript indicates specialization in preschool and primary grades education. In order for students to qualify for this annotation, they must be employed in an appropriate public or non-public school or be available for practicum placements in appropriate early childhood settings. 

An asterisk (*) indicates a course which is required for either one concentration, the annotation, or both. 

Elementary Education (18) 

To be selected from: 

35508 Language and Literature for Young Children 
35523 Reading in the Primary Grades 
35703 Program Planning for Young Children 
35721 Assessment and Curriculum Planning Preschool and Elementary Grades* 
35535 Child, Family, School I: Developmentally Appropriate Practices Birth - 2nd Grade*
35593 Curriculum I: Infant and Toddler*
35593 Curriculum II: Preschool*

ยท *Required course. If fulfilled with an approved transfer course, then one of the others is to be selected through advisement. 

Foundations (3)
35700 Foundations of Early Childhood Education

Electives in Education (9)

35510 Montessori Education for Early Childhood 
35511 Piaget's Theory and Application for Curriculum and Instruction N-3 
35507 Creative Experiences for Young Children 
35716 Science and Mathematics for Young Children 
To be approved by advisor. 

Research, Evaluation, or Independent Study (3)

To be selected from: 

35795 Independent Study in Elementary Education** (early childhood focus) 
36703 Evaluation in Education
36712 Recent Research in Education 

** To be approved by advisor. (See requirements in catalog listed under Graduate Policies and Procedures - Independent Study.) 

35710 Seminar in Elementary Education/ Early Childhood Project (3)

Total Credits (36 Credits)