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Early Childhood & Childhood Education

Program Overview

Department of Teaching & Learning 
Coordinator: Nataly Chesky, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Elementary Education
Old Main Building, 218D
E-mail: cheskyn@newpaltz.edu

The School of Education offers students holding a baccalaureate degree an opportunity to earn Childhood (Grades 1-6) teaching certification and a master's degree in teaching. The typical candidate for the Master of Science in Teaching (MST) will hold a bachelor's degree in one of the liberal arts or sciences from an accredited college and will have a background in history, a foreign language, mathematics, English and science.

The program includes instruction in educational studies, developmentally appropriate practices, content pedagogy. amd research.

The program can be completed in two years, (two fall semesters, one winter semester, two spring semesters, and one summer session), to include one fall or spring semester of full-time student teaching.

Upon graduation, students will receive the Master of Science in Teaching (MST) degree and will have completed all academic requirements for initial New York State certification. Initial certification will be awarded upon graduation and after passing all New York State certification examinations, completion of mandated seminars and training, and fingerprinting. Professional certification is awarded through the New York State Department of Education after three years of successful teaching experience in Grades 1 - 6.

Admission Requirements 
Application Procedures & Deadlines 
Program Requirements & Curriculum Requirements 
New York State Certification Examinations

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