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Early Childhood & Childhood Education

Birth-Grade 6 AND Childhood Special Education

Program of Study (029A)
Grades B-6 and Childhood Special Education Certification (49 Credits)

All courses must be taken under advisement.

Literacy Education - 21 credits

  • EDI774 Theoretical Foundations of Reading
  • EED593 Content Area Literacy
  • EED744 Workshop on Understanding Reading Problems
  • EED745 Workshop in the Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties
  • EED746 Workshop for the Remediation of Reading Difficulties
  • EED747 Clinical Practices in Reading
  • EDI775 Graduate Reading Seminar

Childhood Special Education - 19 credits

  • SPE700 Education Special Learners
  • SPE701 Educational Assessment of Learners with Disabilities
  • SPE732 Learning Environments for Childhood Learners with Disabilities
  • SPE733 Practicum in Childhood Special Education

Electives: Select one from each of the following categories - 9 credits


  • EDS512 Children's Literature
  • EED516 Teaching Reading/Language Arts in Elementary School
  • EED520 Teaching Literature Language Development, Birth through Kindergarten
  • EED524 Teaching Reading in the Middle School


  • SPE572 Teaching Learners from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds
  • EDS537 Issues in Multicultural Education
  • EDS581 Issues in Racism and Sexism


  • EDI798 Principles in Research
  • SED712 Recent Research in Education
  • SPE703 Research and Current Issues in Special Education