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Early Childhood & Childhood Education

MS in Literacy Education: Grades 5-12

Program of Study (030B)
Grades 5-12 (36 credits)


Sequential Core


EED 752 Theoretical Foundations


Explores current theories underlying the reading and writing processes and the research on which these are based. Participants use research to develop their own theories of reading and writing.

EED 753 Workshop in Understanding Literacy Difficulties


Following a developmental approach, literacy candidates will explore potential difficulties in the reading and writing acquisition process. Includes in-depth analysis of the phonological, orthographic, and morphological structures of English.

EED 754 Workshop in Diagnosing Literacy Difficulties


Clinically-rich course that prepares students to understand, select, develop, administer, and interpret a variety of literacy assessments, as well as use assessment information to plan and evaluate literacy instruction.

EED 756 Workshop in Intervention of Literacy Difficulties, 5-12

Under supervision in a clinically-rich setting, each candidate assesses, designs an intervention plan, and adjusts instruction based on progress monitoring data for a child in grades B-6 with literacy difficulties.

EED 758 Clinical Practices in Literacy, 5-12

Under supervision in a clinically-rich setting, each candidate assesses, designs an intervention plan, and adjusts instruction based on progress monitoring data for children in grades B-6 with literacy difficulties.

EED 759 Research for Literacy Leaders


Candidates develop a critical stance toward historically shared knowledge in literacy education. Candidates learn about the critical role of action research in professional learning communities and develop an action research project for their capstone clinical experience.

EED 760 Workshop in Literacy Leadership and Coaching


Within this clinically-rich course, candidates study literacy leadership and adult learning.  Practices include leading RTI/assessment meetings, analyzing literacy programs, coaching, responding to policy decisions, writing grants, planning professional development, and establishing learning communities.

Distributive Core

EED 512 Children’s and YA Literature


Familiarize students with formats and genres of children’s and young adult literature and how to utilize them for a variety of purposes in the classroom.

EED 528 Literacy and Language Learners


In this class, students engage with issues around developing literacy in a second language. Students explore theories of second language acquisition, ways to modify assessment and remediation based on students' first language, and culturally responsive approaches to instruction.

SED549 Teaching Literacy Across the Disciplines 6-12

Examines strategies for developing literacy and thinking across the disciplines, focusing on text "comprehension" and its variety of guises. Topics include reading and writing processes related to the understanding of literary and expository texts, instructional and assessment strategies designed to improve text comprehension, developing integrated curricula, selection and evaluation of classroom materials.

EED 510 Teaching Writing and Multi-Modal Text Production for Literacy Leaders


This clinically-rich course explores methods of teaching writing in grades K-12. Course activities are designed to meet the needs of diverse learners, and students will learn digital production skills across disciplines. 3 credit hours.