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Early Childhood & Childhood Education Advising

Suggested Courses for First-Year Students

Build your first semester schedule from these courses & categories, aiming for 14-17 credits:

  • Composition (per placement level)
  • EDI233 Education Seminar
  • Foreign Language (per placement level)
  • GEO202 Physical Geography
  • MAT140 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I
  • Gen Ed: ART
  • Gen Ed: HUM
  • Gen Ed: NSCI
  • Gen Ed: WEST
  • Gen Ed: WRLD

All Education students need an academic concentration or major.

If you’re considering a concentration in Biology, Earth Science, Mathematics, or a Foreign Language, try to include the following in your first semester schedule as well:

  • Biology…choose BIO201/211 General Biology I and lab
  • Earth Science…choose GLG120 Weather and Environment or GLG201/211 Physical Geology and Lab
  • Mathematics…consult with an advisor to select the appropriate course
  • Spanish or French…consult with an advisor to select the appropriate course