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Early Childhood & Childhood Education Advising

Incoming Freshmen

Frequently Asked Questions

What about AP, IB, and college credits from high school?

Once you submit college transcripts to the New Paltz Office of Admission, the credits will appear on your New Paltz progress report.  Your advisor can explain how the credits will apply toward your New Paltz degree. 


I did lots of internship/fieldwork/observations in an elementary or pre-school setting.  Can I get credit for this experience?

Those experiences no doubt helped to confirm your interest in teaching!  They may be used to fulfill the New Paltz requirement of 30 hours of Independent/pre-program fieldwork. 


As an education student, can I take on a double major or minor?

Since Early Childhood/Childhood Education students must complete a 30-hour academic concentration, they already have a "major" in addition to education.  With careful planning, some students are also able to complete a minor within four years.  A double major almost always requires additional time to graduation.


Can education students study abroad?

Our faculty strongly encourage education students to study abroad!  There are semester-away options, summer study, and a student-teaching study abroad opportunity in Australia.  Any study abroad experience requires consultation and careful planning with your education advisor. Visit the Center for International Programs for more information


Can education students be part of the honors program?

Yes!  Once admitted, students take four honors seminar courses, and complete a capstone project or thesis senior year.  Visit the Honors Program for more details.


Where are students placed for fieldwork and student teaching?

Our Office of Field Experience and Student Teaching places students within commuting distance of wherever they are living that semester.  We have relationships with school districts throughout the mid-Hudson Valley and beyond.  Student teaching placements in New York City are available through the SUNY Urban Teacher Education Center. 


Will I need a car?

It is each student's responsibility to get to and from fieldwork and student teaching placements.  Since there are very few placements on campus or within walking distance, and bus service is limited in our rural area, a car is extremely helpful.  Students without cars usually arrange carpools with peers who have cars.