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SUNY-YÖK Dual Diploma Program

Areas of Study: METU-Liberal Studies-TESOL


» METU-Liberal Studies-TESOL Curriculum

Welcome to the Dual Diploma Program in Liberal Studies (Language, Literature and Culture) and English Language Teaching. As teachers of English, your year at New Paltz will provide you with the opportunity to expand and refine both your own knowledge of English and your ability to assist your students in learning English. In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you will deepen your knowledge of the language, literature, society, and culture of the United States. In the School of Education, you will explore in depth the English language itself and learn the best practices in the planning and evaluation of second language instruction. You will also see these practices implemented in local schools as you observe English instruction in kindergarten through twelfth grade settings. Perhaps most importantly, you will be living and studying, working and playing, on a daily basis, immersed in another language and culture. The intimate knowledge of English gained thereby will be an invaluable resource throughout your teaching career.


We look forward to meeting you, working with you, learning from you, and collaborating with you in the pursuit of excellence in English language education.



The faculty of the Liberal Studies - English Language Teaching Program