Psychological Counseling Center

Individual Counseling

Intake: The Intake appointment may be your first relationship with the Psychological Counseling Center (PCC). This purpose of this appointment, which takes about one hour, is to understand your presenting concerns and assess how best to assist you. To that end, the PCC therapist will inquire about and discuss historical and current information with you. Call us at 845-257-2920 or stop by the PCC office to schedule an intake. Students are asked to arrive about 15 minutes early for their intake appointment to complete secure online questionnaires about historical information and current status. 

Following the initial appointment, and depending upon a student's needs and PCC availability, a student may be scheduled for group or individual therapy services at the PCC, directed to another campus department, or referred to a provider in the local community. If time-limited individual therapy is appropriate, a student may continue with the intake therapist, or may be scheduled with another PCC therapist.

Time-limited psychotherapy: The Psychological Counseling Center (PCC) offers confidential, short-term, individual counseling to students, when clinically appropriate and available. To be eligible for services, an individual must be a currently registered New Paltz student, and a PCC therapist must assess that the nature of the student's concern is appropriate for time-limited counseling. Based on PCC resources and a student's individual goals and needs, students may be referred to community providers for continuing care and treatment.

The focus and duration of counseling are discussed by the student and the counselor, often during the initial session. Students are encouraged to participate actively in the therapy process; for instance, therapy goals are identified collaboratively between student and counselor. Individual therapy sessions are about 45-to-50 minutes long.

The PCC does not provide counseling for mandated or court-related issues. See referrals.