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Psychological Counseling Center

FAQ - Faculty/Staff

Faculty and staff at SUNY New Paltz are involved in students' lives through a number of important roles that may include being an educator, advisor, coach, mentor, and counselor. Faculty and staff are in a unique position to directly observe students on a regular basis, and may notice emotional, social, or behavioral troubles or concerns.  Please contact PCC promptly if you have concerns about a student.

Marked changes in a student's usual behavior, such as frequent tardiness and absences, problems with academic performance, or repeated requests for extensions on assignments, may indicate the student is struggling with something and needs help. A student's writing about suicide or homicide, isolation, feeling like a burden, or feeling hopeless, also may be a call for help.  A noticeable change in appearance or hygiene also may indicate a student is struggling.

If you are concerned about a student, please share your concerns with PCC staff, or with the student directly.  If you choose to speak to the student, be caring, honest and non-judgmental.  Be specific and concrete about what you have observed that concerns you.  Suggest the student speak to PCC staff.  If the student agrees, offer to facilitate the contact with PCC, because often a student in crisis feels unable to manage what typically may be a simple task.

PCC staff value faculty and staff consultations about students of concern.  Faculty/staff intervention in assisting a student to seek psychological services may be significant to a student's ability to successfully complete a college degree.


What to Do

If you are concerned about a student, contact the PCC at (845) 257-2920 for a consultation, or you may refer the student to the PCC directly.

Outside of regularly-scheduled working hours, please contact University Police (845-257-2222) to be connected to the PCC "Emergency Contact for Student Consult" (ECSC).

A Note About Confidentiality

There have been occasions when faculty/staff have referred a student to the PCC and wanted a follow-up contact from the PCC counselor to confirm that the student came for an appointment. Counselors are bound by legal and ethical guidelines to maintain confidentiality. Thus, faculty and staff should be aware that the PCC counselors cannot discuss whether a student is coming for services.  Read more about confidentiality.