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Construction Updates

Route 32 Parking Expansion and Pedestrian Crosswalk

Last Updated: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Status: Design Phase

The final phase of the campus Site Renovation project includes the expansion of the Route 32 parking lot in addition to a new pedestrian crosswalk on the west side of Route 32. The project will include new lighting. This project is schedule to start in the summer 2017 and be complete by 2018 depending on phasing.

This final phase of the landscape master plan is near completion. We are waiting on the traffic light installation.


Estimated Cost: $4,400,000
Estimated Date of Completion: Fall 2018
Architect: CHA Consulting Inc, Albany NY
Construction Manager: Ronald Treers
College Representative: Jeffrey Lewis- Campus Architect/Doug Judson- Project Manager
Contractor: Delsignore Blacktop Paving Inc., Troy NY
Source of Funding: Capital