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Construction Updates

Bevier Hall Renovation

Last Updated: Friday, October 27, 2017

Status: Construction Phase

Bevier Hall will be the third in the series of renovation to the Hasbrouck Complex that was started with Crispell Hall in the winter of 2010. Similar to the other renovations, Bevier will receive upgraded heating and ventilating, including electrical support and wifi throughout its facilities. Upgrades in the residence hall will also include a new elevator, enhanced student lounge space and overall lighting improvements. The renovation will also address a new roof, the entrances, windows, floors and bathrooms. Similarly to LeFevre Hall, the improved Bevier will have its main entrance leading up to the main level/first floor and down to the basement where the lounge, kitchenette, laundry rooms and study areas will be located. This is different from Crispell Hall in that there is no direct access from the main entrance leading down to the basement.

Bevier hall closed in December 2016 for a total renovation to the building and has reopened for Fall 2017 with a totally renovated residence hall. This renovation competes the third in the series of renovations for the Hasbrouck Complex.


Estimated Cost: $19,075,000
Estimated Date of Completion: summer 2017
Architect: Arch+ Troy, NY
Construction Manager: Kemp Anderson, Project Manager
College Representative: Megan Smailer, Campus Architect
Contractor: PC Construction, South Burlington, Vermont
Source of Funding: DASNY