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Construction Updates

Wooster Building Renovation

Last Updated: Thursday, October 6, 2016

Status: Construction Phase

The project involves a comprehensive renovation of the Wooster Science Building. Key elements to this renovation involves relocating student services (Academic Advising, Student Accounts, Records & Registration, and Financial Aid) from various locations across the campus to a new centralized location within the Wooster Building. In addition, the college has developed plans to put a food court and dining hall on the ground floor of Wooster.

The newly renovated Wooster Hall is complete and the ribbon cutting ceremony took place on September 14, 2016. Wooster has been transformed into a modern, high-performance building featuring a terra-cotta rain screen façade; a new fourth-floor mechanical penthouse to accommodate state-of-the-art HVAC and energy recovery systems; an east/west skylight which runs the length of the building; a rooftop rainwater harvesting system; a three-story skylit atrium; daylighting controls that will reduce artificial light levels when sunshine is pouring into the building; and “The Prow,” a three-story balcony overlooking the Old Main Quad, among several other improvements. The staircase situated between Wooster and Coykendall Science Building has been replaced with a set of “Spanish steps,” which has been lined with planters and is wide enough for instructors to sit on with their classes for outdoor lectures. The staircase in the main lobby is positioned underneath a skylight, allowing the incoming sunlight to illuminate each step along with the annual progression between the summer and winter solstices. The lobby floor is also adorned with a terrazzo interpretive map of the campus and the New Paltz region. The building is occupied and the cafe is up and running. The renovation is complete.


Estimated Cost: $36,745,000
Estimated Date of Completion: August 2016
Architect: Croxton Collaborative Architects, P.C
Construction Manager: SUCF
College Representative: Jeffrey Lewis, Campus Architect
Contractor: APS Contracting (Paterson, N.J.)
Source of Funding: SUCF/Capital