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Current Students

Spring 2016 Wait Lists

When a class is closed, students may place their names on a waiting list by using this form. Students will then be added on a first-come, first-served basis. This process ensures fairness and eliminates confusion. You will be able to place your name on a waiting list after the class has reached the maximum seat limit. There is no guarantee that you will be enrolled in the class. NOTE: You may be unable to enroll in the class due to the following reasons: a) administrative hold, b) maximum overload, c) delinquent account, d) conflicting class, or e) not having met a prerequisite, if any prerequisites exist. Furthermore, we do not take names for wait lists for pending courses unless those courses open and then fill.

When / if we come to your name on the list, you will be contacted by e-mail letting you know that the override has been given and you can enroll in the course. Please enroll within 24 hours after receiving the e-mail. If you have decided to NOT enroll in the class, please e-mail the department chair (wrenchj@newpaltz.edu), so the next student on the wait list can be admitted to the course.

Please complete all information below and submit to us. Only students on this waiting list will be placed in a class once it has been closed. Students will be enrolled in the order that this online form is submitted.

NOTE: If you change your mind and no longer want to be placed in the class, please e-mail wrenchj@newpaltz.edu to let us know you wish to be removed from the waiting list.

Only names submitted AFTER a class reaches the maximum seat limit will be placed on the waiting lists. DO NOT place your name on a waiting list before a class fills.

Remember: You'll need to complete all information to be placed on the waiting list for the class.

This list is only for classes in the Department of Communication.

Hello Current Students

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Read a great article about 2011 graduate Grace McDermott and her thoughts about SUNY New Paltz and her education. Grace McDermott received a a bachelor's degree in journalism with a public relations concentration.




Past Events

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