Congratulations Grads!
SUNY New Paltz Commencement 2023


Friday, May 19: Graduate Commencement Ceremony  

Saturday, May 20: Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony for College of Liberal Arts & Sciences graduates  

Sunday, May 21: Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony for graduates from the Schools of Business, Education, Fine & Performing Arts, and Science & Engineering  

Saturday Commencement

"It is a centuries-old tradition to acknowledge formally and joyfully the close of one chapter in our students’ lives and the beginning of the next. Our graduates have come to this moment through diverse paths. Some of you are the first ever in your family to earn a college degree. Some have overcome significant social, political, cultural and financial struggles to attain a college education and cross the stage today. We are especially proud of our graduates who were not deterred by such obstacles."

President Darrell P. Wheeler

The Hon. Kevin R. Bryant ’93

Saturday Commencement Address

Robert Kyncl ’95 - Warner Music Group CEO

Honorary Degree Recipient
Sunday Commencement Address

Joanie Quinones '23 Valedictorian

Valedictorian Saturday Student Address

Alexis Smith '23 Salutatorian

Salutatorian Sunday Student Address

“I have loved my time at SUNY New Paltz, and as I stand here today, I am overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude – for this moment, for the last four years I have spent here, and for all of the people who have shaped my experience. Imagine a day far in the future where you look back at your life and feel grateful for it. For your family, for your friends, for the twists and turns and remembered moments that always bring a smile to your face. That is the success I wish for all of us.”

Joanie Quinones ’23 (Communication Studies – Organizational), Valedictorian

“You will define your own future, and you will make a name for yourself. You have only scratched the surface of what you are capable of. The foundation has been laid for you to pursue your dreams and pursue your purpose. The only thing left for you to do is to go forth and fulfill your destiny. Congratulations, Class of 2023!””

The Honorable Kevin R. Bryant ’93 (Political Science), Justice of the New York State Supreme Court in the Third Judicial District of New York

Senior Toast 2023

“Please just take a moment to look around you. Take a photo, not with your phone, but with your mind. An indelible mental memory of this moment. Your fellow graduates. The professors who taught you and the staff who supported you. This beautiful campus that’s been your home. Your families and friends who are celebrating... You.”

Robert Kyncl ’95 (International Relations), Warner Music Group CEO

Celebrating our graduates’ creative activity, research, capstone projects, honor society inductions and major awards

“New Paltz is a beautiful, welcoming, and supportive environment where students are encouraged to express themselves freely, voice their opinions, and fight for what they believe in. We have been taught to embrace diversity, challenge one another, and celebrate our individuality. Now it is our time to start a new chapter in our lives, make discoveries, expand our knowledge, and challenge our perspectives.”

Alexis Smith ’23 (Psychology), Salutatorian

Commencement Postcard


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