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Mission and Learning Outcomes


The Campus Media Center offers a number of opportunities for students to gain media industry grade experience outside the classroom. As a department, we are committed to providing students with the entire creative process when it comes to media, bringing an idea to the table, brainstorming plans, conducting interviews, editing (footage, sound, written stories) and so on. The Center for Student Media allows participants to take control their own experience within our department, growing, learning and developing through one, two, or all three of our media platforms.


Learning Outcomes:

As a result of participation within the Campus Media Center and its organizations, students will:

* Learn how to operate industry grade equipment and programs for their given media platform, attaining entry level and even mastery of given programs and equipment.

* The Center for Student Media provides students the opportunity to learn on the Adobe Creative Suite (Audition, Premiere, InDesign and Photoshop).

* Provide public service to the SUNY New Paltz campus community, as well as local surrounding communities through radio broadcast, print articles, and video pieces.

* Develop a hub for the transmission of campus event information and resources.

* Provide entertainment to viewers, readers and listeners.

* Create an outlet for community engagement and collaboration across campus (students, faculty, staff, administration) and the local community.


Campus Media Center Executive Board Members and Managers will:

* Gain management, teamwork, time management, leadership and business skills.

* Create a sense of community within their given organizations that encourages student growth and development.

* Represent the Center for Student Media within the campus and local community, collaborating on projects and public service opportunities.