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Sophomore Shadow Program Host information

The Sophomore Shadow Program is a career exploration opportunity where students in their second year gain exposure to a specific position, company, or industry by observing a professional in their field. This is a one-day, unpaid experience that provides students crucial information regarding majors associated with careers, professional environments and advice from someone who was once in their shoes.  This one-day shadow experience will take place in January 2019.



Sept 28, 2018: Host registration deadline
Nov. 2, 2018: Student application deadline
Nov. 19, 2018: Hosts are notified of student match
Jan. 7-18, 2019: Job shadow visits occur during one week day


Please register Sophomore Shadow Program Host Form
*Includes FAQs and example shadow day activities



What happens on shadow day?

The host commits to a minimum of 4 hours spent with a student, but a full day would be ideal. Please see below for a list of prospective shadow activities. It is up to the host to decide what is most useful for a sophomore shadow to learn in regards to their company, industry, position, and/or personal advice. If you would like to host a student for longer than one work day, please call the Career Resource Center to discuss the opportunity.

When is shadow day?

Shadow day will take place during winter break, any weekday in mid January 2018 (for weekend visits, please contact the Career Resource Center). The host will be notified of their student match at the end of November and expected to set a date and time with the student by December 2017.

What should I expect from a New Paltz student?

As this program is meant for career exploration, the students may or may not have picked a major, or may be reconsidering their current major. The application requires them to be a sophomore student, able to attend orientation, commit to their shadow date, and be motivated to learn outside of the classroom while considering different career options. The students will come prepared with resume, questions, and dressed in accordance with the company expectations.

What is the Matching Process?

The Career Resource Center staff will match students and employers according to the information provided on the student application and host registration sheet. The student will identify industries and occupations of interest as well as reasons for applying to this program. Hosts will give a description of their shadowing opportunity, position, and industry. We encourage both student and host to be open-minded regarding what they can learn and offer during this program.

Am I guaranteed a student?

A student match cannot be guaranteed as the opportunity is dependent on participation and interest stated in the application/registration materials.



  • Office tour
  • Explanation of position responsibilities
  • Observe work being performed by host
  • Introduction to office communication, including professional phone and email etiquette
  • Career readiness coaching: resume, interview tools, etc.
  • Introduction to office technology (anything from scanning a document to programs specific to the position and/or industry)
  • Organizational chart (possibly done by a Human Resources Representative)
  • Informational interview with host and possibly other people in the company (students will be prepared with questions)
  • Department meeting
  • Company training (videos or workshops)
  • Breakfast and/or lunch


Please contact Emily Zurner or Dawn McCaw with any questions

Emily Zurner
Senior Career Specialist

Dawn McCaw
Assistant Director