Career Resource Center

Meghan Lambert

Meghan Lambert (she/her/hers)

Meghan works with all Liberal Arts and Science Majors

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Meghan will be out of the office on summer recess from June 23 to August 19.

Meghan works with the following majors: 
Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

Meghan assists LA&S students in exploring how their major can lead to a fulfilling career. In her role, Meghan enjoys learning about students’ on an individual basis as well as through facilitation of workshops and other job search related events. Helping others to define their career goals and uncover alternative strategies for seeking work is something Meghan enjoys. Fine tuning job search documents and social media presence to reflect a student’s career aspirations is something Meghan believes is essential in conducting a proactive job search. 

Outside of work, Meghan enjoys reading, spending time with her husband and 2 boys. Meghan also enjoys listening to music and taking scenic walks on the Rail Trail or Walkway over the Hudson. Come visit Meghan at the CRC she is excited to hear of your career aspirations and aide students in identifying and reaching out to employers ‘of interest!