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Black Studies: Building on a Proud Tradition

Rebuilding Task Force Members (Faculty)

Faculty Task Force from Liberal Arts and Sciences helps rebuild Black Studies faculty ranks

A team of SUNY New Paltz faculty members from various academic disciplines has been working with Dr. Major Coleman, department chair of Black Studies, and Dr. Laura Barrett, dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, to support the College’s recruitment of candidates for open visiting assistant professor positions in the Department of Black Studies, following an unprecedented wave of faculty departures from the department.

The Task Force’s efforts helped lead to the appointment of new Visiting Assistant Professor of Black Studies Cruz Bueno, who is taking an 18-month leave from Siena College to teach Black Studies courses, advise and mentor students, and assist with the department’s curriculum review. Dr. Bueno holds a Ph. D. in Economics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She will join the Task Force as it continues the work of seeking top scholars in Black Studies and related disciplines to fill faculty positions.

The members of the Task Force are:

  • Major Coleman (Black Studies)
  • Lee Bernstein (Interim Associate Provost, History)
  • Jonathan Rust (Psychology)
  • Glenn Geher (Psychology)
  • Alexandra Cox (Sociology)
  • Sunita Bose (Sociology)
  • Heather Hewett (English)
  • Kathleen Dowley (Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies)
  • Cruz Bueno (Black Studies)