Alignment to National Council for the Social Studies Standards

Candidates in social studies should possess the knowledge, capabilities and dispositions to
organize and provide instruction at the appropriate school level for the study of:

  • Culture and Cultural Diversity (Standard 1.1)
  • Time, Continuity and Change (Standard 1.2)
  • People, Places and Environment (Standard 1.3)
  • Individual Development and Identity (Standard 1.4)
  • Individuals, Groups and Institutions (Standard 1.5)
  • Power, Authority and Governance (Standard 1.6)
  • Production, Distribution and Consumption of Goods and Services (Standard 1.7)
  • Science, Technology and Society (Standard 1.8)
  • Global Connections and Interdependence (Standard 1.9)
  • Civic Ideals and Practices (Standard 1.10)
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