Our Mission

Every day student-athletes at SUNY New Paltz are challenged to put forth their best effort in the classroom as well as in their chosen sport. The demands placed on them by faculty, coaches, parents, friends and peers test student-athletes in ways that can affect both their physical and their mental well-being. While the physical is often attended to by athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches and coaches, mental health support can often be neglected. In the area of mental health, student-athletes are often reluctant to seek help.

Athletes Together is a collaborative effort between the Psychological Counseling Center, the Student Health Services, the Disability Resource Center, the Campus Media Center and the Department of Athletics, Wellness and Recreation to increase the awareness of mental health issues, to provide positive resources of support for student-athletes and to reduce the stigma and shame often associated with mental health. Supported and driven by our student-athletes, Athletes Together is a program that demonstrates that mental health is not a failure, but a way forward with a team of people willing and ready to support each other to achieve great things.

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