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Welcome to the SUNY New Paltz Assessment Website. At New Paltz, assessment is a collective effort dedicated to improving teaching and learning. Assessment goes beyond student learning outcomes; we use the assessment process as part of the continuous improvement process. Assessment data informs decision-making across the entire campus.

Our Assessment Philosophy

A comprehensive, systematic, and ongoing assessment program is a necessary condition for continuous improvement and demonstrates a true commitment to excellence.

Assessment Guidelines

  • The planning of such a program should be inclusive, involving faculty, students, staff and administrators.
  • Assessment plans should involve multiple measures, assessing both outcome and process variables, that can be linked to improvement opportunities.
  • The purpose of assessment is to offer students the best living/learning environment possible and to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of all the offices and programs that support this environment
  • The results of all assessment efforts should be reported to students, staff and administrators, and used in long-term planning and strategic decision making.
  • The assessment process itself should be assessed regularly for refinement and improvement.

(Assessment Proposal for SUNY New Paltz, Assessment Steering Committee, November 18, 2002)

Assessment is meaningful only when used to drive organizational change and improvement. Furthermore, assessment should be mission-driven, determining how programs, policies, and procedures affect goal attainment. Assessment data should be an essential component of evidence-based decision-making. The evolution of the college’s assessment system meets these criteria, allowing New Paltz to engage in a cycle of continuous improvement