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Asian Studies


Major in Asian Studies- 37 credits

The Major in Asian Studies is designed to equip students with a working knowledge of an Asian language through the intermediate level or beyond, and a balanced understanding of how Asian cultures may be understood through the arts and humanities as well as through social sciences. In addition to in-depth study of a particular language and its culture, Asian Studies Majors develop a familiarity with other Asian cultures and perspectives, and gain experience in using library resources for research on Asia. Finally, through close consultation with the faculty advisor, Asian Studies Majors develop a structure and direction for study abroad and/or work overseas in Asia, during college and following graduation.

Declaring the Major

When declaring the Major, students meet with a faculty advisor in Asian Studies, and submit a brief Personal Statement of Intent.

Language Study - 16 credits

Each Major is required to complete at least two years of language study in either Chinese or Japanese. Students with a high degree of language proficiency in these or other Asian languages may take 16 credits in other Asian Studies courses.

Electives - 21 credits

Each Major is required to complete, by advisement, at least 9-12 credits in the Social Sciences category (AS-SOC) and 9-12 credits in the Arts & Humanities category (AS-ARTS), for a total of 21 credits. ** 

Within these 21 credits, students are required to take: 

(a)  at least 3 credits in an area of Asia beyond China or Japan,
(b) at least 3 credits in Asian Studies Perspectives courses.

** Note: Some courses may be used to fulfill either AS-SOC or AS-ARTS; for a full listing of course offerings, students should consult their advisor and may also refer to the master grid of courses on the Asian Studies Community Blackboard site.

Study Abroad and Transfer Credit

Asian Studies Majors are encouraged to immerse themselves in their primary Asian language of study and deepen their perspective on the culture through study abroad.  Credits from Transfer or Study Abroad courses may be applied toward the Asian Studies major.  Students should consult with their advisor on applicable credits. At least 19 credits toward the major must be completed at SUNY New Paltz.  The college requires students to be in residence at SUNY New Paltz during the semester in which they plan to graduate.  For details, visit our Overseas Study page and our Planning Tips for Study Abroad.

Minimum Grade Requirement

Asian Studies majors must receive no less than a C- in any course applied to the plan of study.

Applying to Graduate

When applying to graduate, students submit a short Exit Essay reflecting upon their intellectual development, along with one or more examples of their best written work, and complete the paperwork for graduation application.

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