Undergraduate Curriculum

The undergraduate program in Art Education offers the Bachelor of Science in Art Education degree. In addition to core courses addressing pedagogy, historical, and contemporary issues in art education, and art making in a range of settings with diverse audiences, the program provides students with a rigorous concentration in studio art, courses in art history, art criticism, psychology, and the social and philosophical foundations of education in the United States. Students receive a minimum of 100 hours of fieldwork in art education settings prior to entering student teaching. Fieldwork settings include area schools and the Saturday Arts Lab.

Art Education Plan of Study

Required Foundation Courses - 18 credits

ARS100 - Drawing I (3)

ARS101 - Drawing II (3)

ARS102 - Design: Color (3)

ARS103 - Design: Form (3)

ARH201 - Art of the Western World I (3)

ARH202 - Art of the Western World II (3)

Required Studio Courses - 21 credits

Basic Studio courses - (12 credits)

Upper division in one Studio area - (9 credits)

Required Art History Courses - 6 credits

Upper division course in Non-Western Art History - (3 credits)

Upper division course in Contemporary Art History - (3 credits)

Required Education Studies Courses - 6 credits

EDS341- Social and Philosophic Foundations of Education (3)

EDS372 - Developing Adolescent (3)
EDS371 - Child Psychology and Development (3)

Foreign Language Requirement

Elementary levels I and II in one language other than English
One intermediate course in a language other than English

Required Art Education Courses - 21 credits

ARE190 - Contemporary Approaches in Art Education (3)

ARE191 - Fieldwork in Art Education I (1)

ARE302 - Curriculum and Instruction (3)

ARE391 - Fieldwork in Art Education II (1)

ARE303 - Theory and Practice (3)

ARE392 - Fieldwork in Art Education III (1) 

ARE305 - Disability Studies in Art Education (3)

ARE316 - Learning in Digital Visual Cultures (3)

ARE200 - Art Criticism (3)


Student Teaching - 12 credits

ARE405 - PreK - 6th (6)

ARE406 - 7-12 (6)

These courses each include a bi-weekly seminar in student teaching.


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