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Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention

NP SAFE Coalition

NP SAFE - substance awareness for everyone

Mission statement:

NP SAFE (Substance Awareness for Everyone) coalition’s mission is to make the community safer and healthier by implementing effective strategies to reduce availability and problems associated with college drinking, substance use and misuse of prescription drugs.


NP SAFE coalition is the collaboration between SUNY New Paltz campus and the New Paltz community. The coalition has representation from 12 sectors including youth (college students); parents; business; community; media; schools; youth-serving organizations; law enforcement; civic and volunteer groups; healthcare professionals; and state, local or tribal agencies. The coalition will assess resources and needs on campus and in the community and then develop a plan to address these needs and implement effective environmental strategies.

Please contact Jackie Cirello at 845-257-3028/ npsafecoalition@newpaltz.edu for more information or to get involved.