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Office of Academic Advising

Welcome Transfer Students

Welcome to New Paltz!

Congratulations on your acceptance to SUNY New Paltz! We look forward to you joining our vibrant, challenging and diverse academic community.  A wide range of faculty members, academic advisors, administrators and fellow students all look forward to helping with your academic and social transition to New Paltz. The Office of Academic Advising looks forward to meeting you at Transfer Orientation.

Prepare for your orientation session!  Watch the following tutorials and see additional information below.




Transfer Process Checklist

Did you register for your orientation session?

Do you understand how your credits will transfer? 

Did you complete the General Education (GE) program or earn GE waivers? 

Do you need to petition a course to count for GE?  

Do you need to petition a course to count for your major or minor?

Do you know about the Writing Intensive (WI) degree requirement? 

Do you know how many upper division credits you completed and still need? 

Do you know what math course, if any, you'll need? 

Do you know how to change your class schedule after orientation? 

Do you know when you'll get an advisor?

Registering for Your Orientation Session

Please refer to the Center for Student Development for information about orientation dates and registration.

Second Degree and Readmit students do not need to attend an orientation session and instead must make an appointment with their major department followed by an appointment at the Office of Academic Advising (845-257-3015, Wooster Hall 106) for course registration. 

Second Degree and Readmit students in the School of Business need to contact the School of Business Advising Center, (845) 257-2909, Van den Berg Hall 206.

If you cannot attend one of the orientation sessions, please call Student Development (845) 257-3088.  

Understanding the Transfer Credit Process

To ensure the appropriate selection of courses and to reduce the chances of repeating a course previously completed, as well as guarantee proper financial aid eligibility, SEND YOUR FINAL TRANSCRIPTS AND AP SCORES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (prior to the first day of classes). 

**Please read SUNY New Paltz's policy on transfer credits**

After you pay the pre-enrollment deposit, Admissions applies your transfer credits to your Progress Report. Transferred credits are indicated on the report with the letter "T." In-Progress courses are indicated by "TIP" and are not final until Admissions receives official transcripts. 

Course articulation helps transfer students make a smooth transition to New Paltz. Articulation is an agreement between schools where courses are identified as direct matches. See our Equivalencies Database for how courses transfer from other colleges to New Paltz.

Articulated courses transfer in as direct matches with New Paltz courses. For example, PSY111 Psychological Prin I at Dutchess Community College is articulated as the SUNY New Paltz course PSY272 Introductory Psychology. 

Non-articulated courses are accepted as elective credits, but can be reviewed for major or GE credit. See Petitioning a Course to Count for GE and Petitioning a Course to Count for a Major or Minor. Elective credits fulfill degree requirements other than GE or major (for example, 120 credits to graduate, liberal arts credits, or upper division credits).

General Education (GE) and Transfer GE Waivers

The SUNY New Paltz General Education (GE) III program requires students to complete courses in each GE category; however, transfer students may have some or all of their GE requirements waived, depending on degree or credits earned.

Petitioning a Course to Count for GE

You may have courses that initially do not count towards a GE category but could be evaluated by the Office of Academic Advising to determine whether or not they can be used to fulfill GE requirements.

To petition a GE course:  Complete and submit this form.

Petitioning a Course to Count for a Major or Minor

You may have courses that initially do not count towards your major/minor but could be evaluated by the major department chair or a faculty advisor.

To petition a course to count in your major or minor:

At orientation: Bring a course description to your orientation and speak with an orientation advisor.

After orientation: Meet with department chairs after the semester has started.

Faculty may require a syllabus and/or portfolio work from the course as well as a course description.

Writing Intensive (WI) Requirement

Courses with specific types of writing instruction are designated as Writing Intensive (WI). This requirement cannot be transferred into New Paltz by previous coursework.  Most majors have WI courses embedded in the major.  Discuss WI course options with your faculty advisor.  

Upper Division Credits

All students need to earn 45 upper division credits (courses numbered 300 or higher) to graduate. Your progress report tracks how many upper division credits you have been awarded in transfer, how many are in progress, and how many more you need to graduate.

Most non-articulated courses appear as lower division electives, for example, HIS000 History of Spain; however, department chairs or faculty advisors can evaluate a course for upper division credit, for example, HIS003 History of Spain.

Math Placement Level (MPL)

Your Math Placement Level (MPL) is indicated on your progress report and corresponds with your math preparedness. Your MPL is determined by the math course you took at your previous college. If you have not taken a college-level math course, you will be placed at MPL 2 and must take MAT120 College Mathematics (or College Mathematics with Supplelmental Algebra Workshop if you are a STEM or Business major). General Education math courses require an MPL of at least 3.

Business, math, engineering, and science courses all have minimum MPLs required for their courses (as noted in the course description).

The math course you take depends on your major. Be sure to speak with an orientation advisor about the math course that is appropriate for you.

If you have questions about your MPL, please contact the Math Department.  

Changing Your Schedule After Orientation

After orientation, you can change your schedule by logging onto your my.newpaltz.edu account, clicking Registration, clicking Add/Drop Classes, and selecting the term. Check for dates and deadlines in the Academic Calendar. Students in the School of Business must contact the Center for Business Advising at (845) 257-2909.

Advisor Assignments

An academic advisor will be assigned to you at the start of the semester. Your advisor assignment is indicated on your progress report and in your my.newpaltz.edu account (under the Advising, View Advisor). If you do not have an advisor, please contact your major department (see People-finder) to request one. Meet with your advisor to review your transfer credits and progress report at the beginning of the semester. You are required to meet with your advisor prior to registering for the next semester (see Advance Registration.)