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Office of Academic Advising

Summer 2020 Orientation Materials


Advising Modules for Freshmen and Transfer Students*

General Education


The General Education curriculum at New Paltz consists of diverse course offerings and exciting opportunities! Please review this information very carefully and record all questions for your first advising meeting.   





You will receive placement levels for three different subjects at New Paltz; math, English, and foreign language. This module will give you the information you need to see how these placements are determined.

Transfer Credits


If you earned college credits, including AP & IB, in high school, congratulations! This module will explain how those credits are transferred and applied at New Paltz.


Graduation Requirements              


You are ultimately responsible to make sure you are on track to graduate. Here, you will learn about the overall graduation requirements.


Tour of the Progress Report


The progress report is your individualized roadmap to help you keep track of your graduation requirements. It is important that you are aware of all of the information it provides and you know how to navigate it correctly.


First Year Student School of Education Module


If you are a first-year student interested in a teacher-education program, please read this module to learn about our offerings.


Planning for Registration:



There are some very helpful tools that will assist you in putting together your course schedule. Find out what they are and how to use them in this module.

Starfish Overview:



Starfish is a hub of your connections and resources on campus, giving you one-click access to the people that will help you to be successful at New Paltz.

CSS Services Introduction


The Center for Student Success is here to support you during your time at SUNY New Paltz! Learn more about our peer-based services to help you through your first year and beyond.



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