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Office of Academic Advising

Graduation Advising Checklist

Students must complete their major plan of study.

Review the student's progress report to confirm that all major requirements have been fulfilled. Your department may have "exit procedures" to follow as well.

The advisor must complete needed any workflows for major courses.

If a student is being granted an exception or waiver of a major requirement, or substituting a course for a required course on the major plan, you must submit a Major/Minor Plan Amendment Form. If a course a student took at another institution is not properly credited on the progress report, you must submit an Advisor Transfer Credit Form. Instructions for submitting both types of workflows are found on the Faculty Services/Advising Menu tab on my.newpaltz.edu

Students must complete all degree requirements.

Review the student's progress report to determine that all college-wide degree requirements have been met. If there is a problem with a GE course or other college-wide requirement, refer the student to Dr. Lucien Mott, Senior Advisor, in the Academic Advising Center.

Students must submit a graduation application.

A degree application with advisor's signature and a copy of the student's progress report must be submitted to Records and Registration (HAB 19) one semester prior to graduation. The date by which it must be submitted is listed in the Academic Calendar.

Students must sign up for commencement.

Remind your advisees to access the Commencement page by the mid-point of their graduation semester. Participation in the ceremony, including obtaining tickets for guests, is limited to those students who register online by the posted deadline. Information about purchasing caps and gowns, as well as details about the ceremony, are also listed there.