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Office of Academic Advising

Faculty Advising Guide

The purpose of this Faculty Advising Guide is to provide necessary information about policies, procedures, programs, and best practices in academic advising. 

Advising at New Paltz

Start here if you are new to advising at New Paltz. Understand roles and responsibilities of the OAA and faculy advisors. Watch our advising video series on conversations with Melinda Anderson, Ed.D., Board of Directors, NACADA, for an overview of the importance of advising in student success and retention.

Using Starfish for Advising

Starfish is a comprehensive student success program for students, advisors, and instructors. For advisors, it provides the tools you need for effective and time-sensitive student outreach and advising sessions. Its capabilities include scheduling, notetaking, emailing, flag alerts, and success plans. Start with our how-to videos and call the OAA/CSS for questions, support, and training.

Advising Topics

Familiarize yourself with advising-related policy and curriculum as well as other topics for advising.


Links to sites, articles, and documents helpful to academic advising.


Excellence in Academic Advising (EAA) is an ongoing Garner Institute/NACADA initiative begun in 2018. Phase One resulted in a comprehensive report outlining  for advising at SUNY New Paltz.