Office of Academic Advising

EAA Timeline

EAA retreat


2018                   Fall 

EAA overviews and information sessions offered in the Faculty Development Center. Invitations to participate in the self-study process.

2019 Spring 

Working groups commence self-study. EAA Working Group Summit held on May9th.


Ad hoc sub-group drafts advising institutional mission statement and intended  student learning outcomes for advising.

Early Fall 

EAA Campus Retreat facilitated by EAA Fellow Dr. Kimberly Smith, is held on September 18th.

Late Fall

The self-study’s nine working group reports are completed. Report findings and recommendations will inform the self-study’s final, comprehensive report. 

2020 January 

NACADA Consultant, Dr. Melinda Anderson, facilitates two on-campus professional development sessions: “Advising as Teaching” and “Supporting Our Next Generation of Scholars”.

Early Spring 

Gathering of EAA Self Study Task Force members to review top recommendations and align them with institutional priorities.


EAA Self Study Comprehensive Report, including recommendations for improving advising at New Paltz, is completed.