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EAA Participants

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Over 60 campus stakeholders served as members of the EAA Self-Study Task Force over the first year of the project. The members of the self-study task force – faculty, students, staff, and administrators – engaged in a comprehensive evidence- and standards-based review of the College’s academic advising program. This strategic self-study included the evaluation of nine years of data provided by the Office of Institutional Research, student and faculty survey findings, and extensive evidence-based dialogue within the nine self-study working groups. In examining the current state of advising across campus, the task force has developed recommendations that will improve academic advising at New Paltz and enhance the overall student experience. These recommendations align with New Paltz’s mission, values, and institutional priorities.

We remain grateful to the following members of the New Paltz community for their participation, support and contributions to a successful self-study process. 

Samantha Ackerman* 
Thomas Albrecht 
Madison Albright* 
William Ballner* 
David Basch 
Lauren Basciani
Helen Brocker 
Bobby Bui 
ancy Campos 
Corinna Caracci 
Austin Carpentieri* 
David Cavallaro 
Binta Ceesay 
Mustafa Cinar 
Jessica Delaney 
Emi DiSciullo 
Sunny Duerr 
Devon Duhaney 
Laurel G. Duhaney 
Glenn Geher 
Reshma Gheevarghese*
         Nancy Heiz 
James Hennessy* 
Brianna Hernandez* 
Aaron Isabelle 
Nancy Johnson 
Lisa Jones 
Margaret Kemp 
Beth King 
Anna Kramer 
Harriet Lettis 
Shuguang Liu 
Maureen Lohan-Bremer 
Mark McFadden 
Maisie Miller* 
Lucien Mott 
Shannon Moysey 
Robert Moysey 
Brooke Musmacker* 
Vanessa Netzley 
Tom Nolen 
Stacie Nunes
         Laurie Orr 
Michael Patterson 
Emely Peña* 
Valeria Pérez* 
Maria Richards 
Rachel Rigolino 
Stuart Robinson 
Tara Salvatore 
Maria Santana* 
Joanna Schroer 
Rendesia Scott 
John Sharp 
Julie Shine 
Cole Sporcic* 
Patricia Sullivan 
Vicki Tromanhauser 
Stella Turk 
Andrea Varga 
Jean Vizvary 
Sarah Wyman 
Maxine Yurowitz*


(Students noted with an *)