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Office of Academic Advising

Course Placement


Composition Placement

First-year students are placed into an English Composition course based on work completed in high school and exam scores. The placement determines which section of English Composition is appropriate:

Composition I or Composition II

Honors English II

Composition for English as a Second Language Students (ESL)

Composition with a Supplemental Writing Workshop (SWW)

Composition SWW-ESL

Credit for AP English can be found in our equivalency database. More information about the Composition program can be found here.

Mathematics Placement

Entering students are given a Math Placement Level (MPL) based on their score in the ALEKS assessment.  Information about when and how to take ALEKS can be found here

Foreign Language Placement

Students are placed into the appropriate level of a foreign language course based on their prior experience in that language, through either high school instruction or AP, IB or college courses.

Students may begin a new language to meet the foreign language general education (GE) requirement. New Paltz offers many choices for foreign language. Students without prior experience in a language begin in the Elementary 1 (101) level of that language and must complete both Elementary 1 and Elementary 2 to fulfill the GE requirement.

The foreign language GE requirement is met for students who previously earned college credit for Elementary 1 and Elementary 2, Elementary 2 and Intermediate 1, or Intermediate 1 or higher, if they have their official college transcripts or AP or IB exam scores sent to the Office of Admissions by the first day of classes of their first semester at New Paltz. (Note: Students who have college credit for Elementary 1 must continue on to Elementary 2; students who have college credit for Elementary 2 must continue on to Intermediate 1.)