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Office of Academic Advising

Your Role

Academic advising is a new concept for many students. Students new to this college may have formerly relied on guidance counselors to direct their academic careers; however, academic advisors and guidance counselors are very different. At SUNY New Paltz, an academic advisor is a faculty member or a professional staff member who assists you with planning your academics and guiding you towards your career goals, but you have the ultimate responsibility for managing your college career.

To make the most of the advising relationship you should get to know your academic advisor early in your college career. Advisors can be most helpful if they know who you are. If you only see your advisor when you need a signature, then the advice they provide will necessarily be limited. Make an appointment to introduce yourself and to discuss broad goals and plans. Then, when the crunch of registration arrives, or you're experiencing academic difficulty, you and your advisor will already have a base on which to make decisions.