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Office of Academic Advising

About Us

The Office of Academic Advising (OAA) is directly responsible for advising SUNY New Paltz undergraduates who are in the process of selecting majors. The OAA also provides a variety of services and support to students in academic transition.

Advisors guide, assist, and empower students as they control their own educational choices and make well-informed decisions. To contribute to the overall culture of advising and student success on campus, the OAA provides services, programs, and materials to assist academic departments in providing high quality advising to all SUNY New Paltz students.

Excellent academic advising supports the College’s educational mission by challenging students to choose academically rigorous courses and programs of study as they pursue their scholarly and creative interests. Also, when employed as an instructional activity, advising supports the College’s Strategic Plan by educating students for success and personal fulfillment in a diverse world.

Effective advising is central to student success and has been demonstrated to have a strong, positive impact on student learning and persistence by providing each student with the personalized, individual attention needed to nurture growth.



*Students in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) are advised by EOP staff throughout their college careers. Once an EOP student declares a major, he or she will also be assigned a departmental faculty advisor.