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Adolescence Education

TESOL Certification Requirement


In addition to degree requirements, candidates must meet the following New York State certification requirements for Initial certification:

  1. Completion of the three mandated workshops documented on the candidate's transcripts:
    Child Abuse Identification (CA);
    School Violence Intervention and Prevention (SAVE);
    Dignity for all Students Act (DASA).
  2. Satisfying the New York State Certification Testing requirements.
    Educational Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA);
    Educating All Students Test (EAS);
    Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST);
    Revised Content Specialty Test (CST) English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) as they become available**;
    [For the Bilingual Extension Annotation:  Bilingual Education Assessment (BEA).]
  3. Fingerprint Clearance
  4. Fieldwork - 100 hours

**Candidates who take and don't pass the current CST for their field before the new test is implemented will be required to take and pass the new test.

For more information about testing, please check:

Additionally, for Professional certification, the following requirements must be met:

  1. 3 years of paid, full-time Classroom Teaching experience (or 540 days of substitute teaching.)
  2. 1 year completed Mentored Experience for those teaching in public schools.