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Adolescence Education

Advisement - Fingerprinting, Workshops, Tests

Step 1: TEACH Account and FINGERPRINTing


Students should have fingerprints on a TEACH account before they begin Fieldwork I.

  1. 1.Go to the NYS Office of Teaching Initiatives site: highered.nysed.gov/tcert and click on TEACH Online Services.  Click on "Create a NY.gov TEACH account" and follow the instructions.
  2. Important last step!Copy or screenshot the page that includes your name and the DCJS/FBI sentence, and submit it to:

2. You can read about fingerprinting at nysed.gov/educator-integrity/fingerprinting

You are an applicant for CERTIFICATION

Service Code:  14ZGQT

Total Fee= $101.75

3. On www.identogo.com, select a location and make an appointment for fingerprinting.  Note: The closest sites to campus are in Kingston, Poughkeepsie, and Middletown.  The Kingston location is across the street from the Trailways station.  www.trailwaysny.com

4. Get fingerprinted.

5. Your fingerprints will be sent to your TEACH account. To verify they have arrived, log onto TEACH and click on "Account Information."  Select "Fingerprinting," and "Go."  Look for the sentence (in very small print):

        “Your DCJS and FBI results have been received.”

Donna Prestia, Teaching and Learning Administrative Assistant at: secondaryed@newpaltz.edu


Questions or difficulties?

There is a detailed and helpful FAQ section on the NYS Office of Teaching Initiatives site:  http://www.highered.nysed.gov/tcert/teach/teachappfaq.html





  1. Health & Safety Education Trainings: If you are a teacher candidate in our undergraduate or graduate adolescent education programs leading to certification, you must pass a 0-credit training course in four areas of Health & Safety Education called EDI095 in order to graduate.Register for EDI095 on your my.newpaltz.edu under Education Interdisciplinary.

  2. Child Abuse Identification Workshop and SAVE/School Violence Prevention Workshop: 
    On-campus workshops are offered each semester. If completed on campus, no graded quizzes are involved and proof of completion will be documented on your transcripts and also reported to your TEACH Accounts. Register for either one with your credit card at this link.*

Otherwise, take workshops online with required quizzes at www.childabuseworkshop.com or www.violenceworkshop.com and enter the registration code NewPaltz9 for the same rate as on campus. This code only works for SUNY New Paltz students.**


  1. Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) training:A DASA training must be documented on your transcripts for graduation. On-campus workshops are offered each semester. Proof of completion will be documented on your transcripts and also reported to your TEACH Accounts once the workshops are completed here. Register for either one with your credit card at this link.*
  2. Education Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA—completed during student teaching)
  3. Educating All Students exam (EAS)
  4. Content Specialty Test (CST—based on your subject: English, math, science, social studies).

Otherwise, take the DASA training at The Center for Spectrum Services for $75 or our local BOCES Center for School Safety for $100.**


*If you received a Pell Grant or an Excelsior Scholarship this year, please email a copy of your award letter to whitakec@newpaltz.edu to register and have the workshop fees waived.

**Documenting off-campus workshops: You must have your Child Abuse, SAVE, DASA, and Health and Safety workshops documented on your permanent record here for graduation by sending a copy of your workshop certificate of completion to Records and Registration in Wooster Hall 115, or by faxing it to 845-257-3103 to the attention of Rita Cancelliere, or by emailing it to recreg@newpaltz.edu  Please send the request from your hawkmail account, which will allow them to authenticate your identity.





Candidates for certification must achieve qualifying scores on the appropriate tests in the New York State Teacher Certification Examination (NYSTCE) program. Learn more general information about the NYSTCE program and the testing requirements for each certificate. Before testing, check out their test preparation guides and test frameworks to know how to pace yourself.

Adolescent education candidates will need to take:

Please see our certification assistance website for more information: https://www.newpaltz.edu/schoolofed/certification.html




Fieldwork: Before signing up for FW1 and 2, you need to fill out an online form (instructions on next page) on my.newpaltz.edu about your placement options. Note, FW1 should be taken with the same professor of your Curriculum class. FW2 is taken with your Methods instructor.

Student Teaching: You need to satisfactory performance in methods (grade of B or better) and have a GPA of 3.0 in order to student teach. If you meet these standards, you will be cleared by your program coordinator (English=Dr. Sawyer; Foreign Lang=dr. Garatti; Math=Dr. Huang; Science=Dr. Duhaney; SS=Dr. Dull) to register for student teaching, seminar, and FW3. You will not be able to student teach if you do not achieve these standards.

Problems with Registering: You need to contact the right administrative assistants if you have problems with registration. All SED courses would go through Donna Prestia (prestiad@newpaltz.edu), while problems with content courses (such as HIS) or EDS need to go through those department administrative assistants.

Portfolios: Graduate MAT students are required to complete a portfolio, ideally the semester before they student teach. Assignment sheet will be distributed to you at advisement.


Instructions for Filling out the Fieldwork I Form

The Fieldwork I Form must be completed before you will be allowed to register for Curriculum & Assessment and Fieldwork 1.

  • Log onto my.newpaltz.edu and click on the student services tab
  • Click on School of Education
  • Choose FWI Form (Secondary Education)-it may take a minute to appear
  • Fill out the information on the form and click “submit”
  • After you submit the form, you will be able to register yourself for Curriculum and Assessment and Fieldwork I (please register for the same section/instructor of both classes unless you have a time conflict)

If you do not have the link for the Fieldwork I Form or you have a time conflict, please email the department administrative assistant at, Donna Prestia, at secondaryed@newpaltz.edu.


Instructions for Filling out the Fieldwork 2 Form

The Fieldwork 2 form must be completed online before you will be allowed to register for Methods and FW2.

  • Log onto my.newpaltz.edu
  • Click on School of Education
  • Click on Fieldwork 2 Form (Secondary Education)
  • Fill out the information on the form and click, “submit”

Once you submit the form, you will automatically be given an override for both classes. You can then register for those classes during your time assignment.

If you do not have the link for the Fieldwork I Form or you have a time conflict, please call the department administrative assistant, Donna Prestia, at secondaryed@newpaltz.edu.