We could tell you...

We could tell you that New Paltz is a creative, diverse, challenging and supportive environment where you get a degree from a highly-selective university and an education rich in experiences that will last a lifetime.

We could tell you that as a New Paltz student you will be encouraged to explore and to take intellectual risks, to find your passion and begin your path.

We could tell you about our impassioned faculty—dedicated professors who teach beyond the text—the rich culture, history and beauty of our Hudson Valley region, and all the benefits of our close proximity to New York City.


we thought it's better to hear it from Annie, Levi, Dean, Kali and Doodnath, representing each of our five undergraduate schools. And because everyone counts at New Paltz, you could hear it from other diverse voices that make up our New Paltz community.


New Paltz alumni take with them a degree that will open doors to career opportunities. With that degree comes an education—true preparation that goes beyond the piece of paper. It is a New Paltz education, one that retains lifelong relevance through what is required to achieve it: broad and specific knowledge, exposure to many differing perspectives, open-minded inquiry, and a spirit of inventiveness.


Creativity permeates campus life at New Paltz. The learning atmosphere at New Paltz has an air of imaginative inquiry that bridges all academic endeavors. The faculty encourage students to question, experiment, and discover in ways that lead to innovative thinking.


New Paltz faculty are dedicated to the art and craft of teaching, and to developing the kind of mentor relationships that help students succeed. While scholarly activity has an important place at New Paltz, teaching is at its center. The faculty's ultimate goal is to empower each student to engage with the world in meaningful ways.


An unsurpassed location gives New Paltz an enticing, magnetic quality. The College is situated in a dynamic town in a stunning natural setting with worldclass connections. Students, faculty, and staff alike find an outstanding quality of life here. They quickly discover superb opportunities for local cultural and recreational enjoyment, while still being close to the countless advantages of New York City.


New Paltz is a place that welcomes people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, political views, and ambitions. This warm, accepting environment makes New Paltz an ideal place for students to explore and flourish.