Administration & Finance Vision Statement

Administration & Finance Vision Statement
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Budget Jargon

State Purpose Funds

Funds derived from State tax dollars and tuition, appropriated to SUNY, and allocated to the campus; subject to State expenditure regulations.

State Funds

Funds generated by campus activities and deposited in IFR accounts; subject to State expenditure regulations. [Example: course fees, facilities rentals]

Non-State Funds

Funds not subject to State expenditure regulations because they have been deposited in the SUNY New Paltz Foundation or in an agency account with the Campus Auxiliary Services.


Full-Time Equivalent.  - a budgetary term used for both employees and students that "equates" an employee or student to a fraction of full-time based upon factors such as salary and number of courses to be taught for employees, and number of courses enrolled in for students.

 For employees, it is not a workload measure -- only a budgetary measure. A faculty-student ratio is often generated via the relationship between faculty FTE, say in a department, and the number of student FTE taking courses in the department.

For undergraduate enrollment, it is the number of credit hours divided by 15; for graduate enrollment, it is the number of credit hours divided by 12. The tuition revenue received by the University from State Purpose Funds is based on these quotients.


State Purpose Funds:


Personal Service Regular. A category for State Purpose Funds; used to pay salaries for full-time and part-time employees, as negotiated by contract.


Personal Service Temporary. A category for State Purpose Funds; used to pay salaries for temporary and student employees. [Adjunct salaries are in this category.]


Other Than Personal Service. A category for State Purpose Funds; used for supplies, materials, contractual services, travel, equipment, and recharges (postage, duplicating, central stores, telephone).


State Funds:

IFR Account

Income Funds Reimbursable accounts. State Funds. These accounts are set up for outside income collected by the University for a specific purpose. [Example: Intercollegiate Athletics; Student Health Center; student course fees; facilities rentals, etc.] Funds can be used for supplies, materials, equipment, and payroll expenses within the limits of the specific purpose for which the account was set up. IFRs are “taxed” by the campus;  M&O and Administrative Overhead tax are calculated on total REVENUE, fringe tax is calculated on EXPENSE. 


State University Tuition Reimbursable Accounts. State Funds. These accounts are set up for tuition money collected through Summer Session and special contract courses. The money pays for Summer Session salaries and some academic year part-time instruction.Summer Session accounts are “taxed” by the campus based on Revenue for M&O, Overhead, and Fringe.  SUTRA accounts not associated with summer session are taxed by the campus for  M&O and Administrative Overhead on total REVENUE, fringe tax is calculated on EXPENSE. 


Non-State Funds:

SUNY New Paltz Foundation Account

Non-State Funds. All donations to the University are placed in Foundation accounts. The SUNY New Paltz Foundation, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit organization (501-C3) which generates income through fundraising campaigns in support of scholarships, projects, and programs of the University. Its activities are coordinated through the Development Office.   Development includes the subsidiary, Goshawk, LLC. 

CAS Account

Campus Auxiliary Services account. Non-State Funds. These accounts are administered by a separate, not-for-profit corporation (501-C3), which is under contract with the University to offer auxiliary support services to the campus community. Outside income deposited in these accounts can be used for expenses not associated with academic credit. [Example: Summer Orientation fees are deposited in a CAS account and used for refreshments, bus trips, activities, etc., for incoming students.]  Note: All CAS accounts must be approved by VPAdmin before they are opened 

SUNY Research Foundation Account

Non-State Funds. Accounts for outside contracts and grants for specific projects. These accounts are administered by the Research Foundation (and at the campus level by the Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Programs), and they are subject to the expenditure regulations of the Research Foundation of SUNY and the sponsor. Some of these grants provide funds for continuing programs such as Migrant Education, as well as specific research and creative projects.


Other Useful Terms:


Portion of the State budget designated to each State agency [SUNY, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Correctional Facilities, etc.]


The actual distribution of the State appropriation at the campus level, as determined by the campus administration.


Allocation (money) set aside for a future expenditure. [Example: The Purchasing Department encumbers funds from our departmental budgets (OTPS) for the items we request in our purchase requisitions; thus, that money is no longer available for us to spend. Once the items are received and paid for by Accounts Payable, the encumbrance is liquidated - becomes an expenditure.]


Revenue, income


Future cash payment that is owed to campus; an IOU. [Example: the balance owed after a deposit has been paid.]


Academic Equipment Replacement: temporary additional allocation by the State; used for purchase of academic equipment according to strict guidelines