Auditing a Class
Online courses cannot be audited.

Billing Procedure
Online invoices for the Winter 2015–16 term will be generated upon student registration for a course. Paper invoices are not mailed. Payment is due in full by the due date listed on the invoice. Students will be alerted via New Paltz email that their charges are available for viewing on their my.newpaltz.edu accounts. Instructions for locating the invoice on my.newpaltz.edu are available on the Student Accounts website. Payment may be made online, in person, or through the mail by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, check or cash (if paying in person). More information regarding payment options is available at the Student Accounts web site. Payment is due immediately for classes added after Dec. 8. Failure to make payment in full or payment arrangements and acknowledge your semester charges by the stated due date on your invoice can result in late penalties and possible de-registration from your course. Courses with low enrollment due to the de-registration process are subject to cancellation. Re-instatement in to the same class is subject to course availability at the time you re-register and is not guaranteed.

Registered students can request an Enrollment Verification via my.newpaltz.edu. Instructions for requesting enrollment verification can be found on the Records & Registration website.

Change of Name or Address
Students must notify the college promptly of any change in name or permanent or local address. Students wishing to change their name must submit a copy of one of the following documents: marriage certificate, divorce papers, legal separation papers or court order approving the name change. Driver's License is not sufficient. Students can change their address(es) information in my.newpaltz.edu under “Student Services.” Click “General... Address & Phones.”

Dropping, Adding, or Withdrawing from Courses

Drop/Add (Course Change) — Students who wish to drop or add a course may do so according to the deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar. After dropping or adding a course, the student should go to my.newpaltz.edu to be sure that the action has taken place.

Course Withdrawal — The fee for withdrawing from a course after Jan. 3 is $20. Please contact Winter Session at the Office of Extended learning, 845-257-2904, to obtain a course withdrawal form. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the tuition liability schedule.

Bring, mail, or email the completed withdrawal form to:

The Office of Extended Learning
Attention: Winter Session
SUNY New Paltz
1 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, NY 12561-2443
Or email: wintersession@newpaltz.edu

In addition, the course instructor must send a request via e-mail to wintersession@newpaltz.edu including the following: Student name; student ID number; course name, number and section; and the last date and time the student attended the class.

Undergraduate students wishing to withdraw from a course after the deadline must consult the Associate Dean of the school in which the course is offered. A grade of F will be recorded for any student who informally drops a course without following the procedures outlined above.

Refund for Withdrawal
To receive a refund, you must submit your completed withdrawal forms to the appropriate office according to the dates in the Academic Calendar. Refunds are based on the liability dates in the Academic Calendar and must be requested by email to stuacct@newpaltz.edu, or in writing and sent to the attention of the Office of Student Accounts. In all cases, the College Fee is not refundable after the official first day of classes.

Graduate Students
Graduate students need the permission of the instructor to take an undergraduate class. Contact the department through which the course is being offered.

Session Workload
Students are limited to four credits in Winter Session.

Transcript Requests
Information on requesting official transcripts can be found on the Records & Registration website.


Affirmative Action
SUNY New Paltz supports Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity and does not discriminate against individuals or groups on the basis of race, gender, sex, age, national origin, religion, disability, pregnancy, military status, marital status, or sexual orientation in education or employment or in any of its policies or programs. Furthermore, it is the policy of SUNY New Paltz that sexual harassment in any form will not be tolerated. Charges of sexual harassment against employees will be pursued in accordance with established campus procedures, including the SUNY Internal Discrimination Grievance Procedure and the provisions of the appropriate union agreements. Charges against students will be subject to judicial proceedings under Campus Rules and Regulations. For additional information, please visit www.newpaltz.edu/titleix.

Changes in rules and regulations
The State University of New York at New Paltz reserves the right to alter, by due process, the existing rules and regulations within their respective jurisdictions. The student is expected to follow the rules and regulations as herein published or subsequently altered.

The State University of New York at New Paltz assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions which occur in the publication of this Schedule. The College reserves the right to make changes without prior notice to all information contained on this website. Tuition and fees are set by the SUNY Board of Trustees and are subject to change without prior notice.