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The Department of Mathematics offers undergraduate majors in Mathematics, Adolescence Education Mathematics and Childhood Education Mathematics. Graduates with the Mathematics major go on to do graduate work in mathematics and other fields requiring strong quantitative and reasoning skills. Those graduating from the Adolescence Education program have a depth of knowledge that underlies the courses they will teach. Childhood Education majors go on to become mathematics specialists within the primary schools. Details of the two education majors are listed under the School of Education.

Those interested in any of these programs are invited to request a faculty advisor in the Department of Mathematics. Upon completion of Calculus I and Introduction to Proof with an average grade of at least B-, a student can declare one of the above majors. A letter grade of at least C- is required to count a course toward any mathematics major or as a prerequisite for another mathematics course.


Math Placement Levels (MPLs)

All students enrolling in SUNY New Paltz are assigned a Math Placement Level (MPL), indicating their current level of mathematics proficiency. The MPLs are used to help place students in courses which they will need to succeed in subsequent work and have not yet mastered.

Summary of Math Placement Levels and What They Mean:

MPL Meaning Courses that will raise level (A grade of C- or better will raise MPL to (x).) Or take this MP Exam:
1 Deficiency in Fundamental Skills MAT151 College Math (3) Basic Algebra
2 Deficiency in College Level Mathematics Skills MAT151 College Math (3)
MAT152 College Algebra (4)
College Algebra
3 Ready for some General Education MATH courses (see specific prerequisites) MAT152 College Algebra (4) College Algebra
4 Prepared for Precalculus or any General Education MATH course, MATH req. met for GE II & IIA but may still need ANSK course. MAT181 Precalculus (5)
MAT245 Basic Calculus (5)
5 General Education MATH requirement met for GE III; MATH & ANSK met for GE II & IIA, ready for Calculus I (MAT251). MAT251 Calculus I (6)  
6 Successfully completed Calculus I