The college is no longer accepting applications for the nursing program.

The information below is provided for currently matriculated students finishing their degrees. Current students who have questions, please contact Eleanor Richards, Nursing Department Chair: or (845) 257-2922.


Major in Nursing - 45 credits

Required Nursing Courses..............................36 credits

NUR300 Perspectives in Professional Socialization (2)
NUR310 Leadership & Management (3)
NUR315 Business Environment of Nursing (3)
NUR320 Professional Nursing Practice in Individual Health (4)
NUR340 Contemporary Health Education Issues (3)
NUR400 Research in Nursing (3)
NUR421 Professional Nursing Practice in Family Health (6)
NUR422 Professional Nursing Practice in Community Health (6)
NUR430 Professional Nursing Practice in Societal Health (6)
NUR443 Pharmacology (3)
NUR445 Pathophysiology (3)
ANT481 Transcultural Health (3) OR
NUR394 Non-Western Health Beliefs and Practices (3)

General Education Requirements

Students graduating from the State University of New York at New Paltz must fulfill General Education requirements. These requirements are designed to encourage students to develop an appreciation of the value of learning for its own sake and to pursue the broader goals of self-understanding and comprehension of their world. Nursing students are allowed to waive certain requirements in General Education and to substitute specified nursing courses for certain General Education III requirements. Consequently nursing majors will meet General Education III requirements by completing the nursing prerequisites and the nursing major together with Freshman Composition I and II, and two of the three categories:  Art, Western Civilization or United States Studies.  Students will be assigned a nursing advisor as pre-majors the initial semester of matriculation.

One hundred and twenty academic credits are required for graduation. All prerequisite and required upper-division course work must be successfully completed with a grade of "C" or higher for progression in the curriculum and graduation from the major.