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SUNY New Paltz Emergency Text Alert System: TXT.me.NP

Sprint/Verizon Customers Who Did Not Receive 4-Digit Validation Code

If you received a message saying you did not complete the validation process to be able to receive text messages on your cell phone in the event of an emergency announcement, and you are using SPRINT or VERIZON and did not receive the four digit validation code but are sure you have text messaging enabled on your account, please follow the instructions below.

1. Make sure you have your phone with you & that it is turned on & able to accept text messages.

2. Login to my.newpaltz.edu using the Firefox browser (Internet Explorer does not work for this validation process)

        » Download Firefox here

3. Students, click on the "Student Services" tab, faculty/Staff select the "Faculty/Staff Services" tab, and affiliated users select the "Affiliated Users" tab.

4. See the channel that's called TXT.me.NP and login within the channel with the username and password you setup.

  • If you created your account after October 31, 2007, your username is your NPCUID. If you created an account before this date, you selected your own username. If you can't remember what it is, e-mail webmaster@newpaltz.edu and we can try to look it up for you.
  • If you cannot remember your password, the "forgot password" link does not work because your e-mail address is not currently in the system. Please e-mail webmaster@newpaltz.edu if you forgot your password and we will need to delete your TXT.me.NP account and have you sign-up again. We strongly recommend making the password the same as your NPCUID.

5. Once you are logged in to the e2campus system, select the "Services" tab.

6. Under the "Services" tab you will see a section where your phone is listed under the SMS (Text Messaging) section. Enter your number again in the "add a mobile phone" box. Do not enter spaces, dashes/hyphens or parenthesis. (Example format: 8451112222)
Select "Verizon (altertate)" if you are a Verizon subscriber, or "Sprint PCS (alternate)" if you are a Spring subscriber. Press the 'add' button.

7. A new validation code will be sent to your cell phone (it will be four digits - scroll to the very bottom of the message).

8. Enter this four digit code in the form on this same page, then click the "validate" button. It should say, "you have successfully signed up."

9. Go back to the 'services' tab and delete the original number/entry for the unvalidated number.

You can now log out of my.newpaltz.edu, and your account has been validated and setup to receive these text messages.

If you encounter a problem, please e-mail webmaster@newpaltz.edu with the details. (Make sure you used the Mozilla Firefox browser, not Internet Explorer!)