Tutoring is available free of charge to all students, full and part-time, undergraduate and graduate, who are currently enrolled at SUNY New Paltz. In order to receive tutoring in a content area, the student must be currently enrolled in the course. Writing tutors may be assigned to assist students in all courses.


A U.S. Department of Education Student Support Services (SSS) grant funds the Tutoring Center. As such, participants must have a need for academic support. They must be U.S. citizens, eligible non-citizens and enrolled in SUNY New Paltz courses. Students receiving support services must also meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. First generation college student, i.e., neither parent has a four year degree.
  2. Fall within income limits set by the Department of Education
  3. Physically or learning disabled


Students who do not meet SSS requirements receive tutoring through funding provided by the College.