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Sexual Assault, Violence and Harassment (Title IX)

Title IX Working Group

The college recognizes its responsibility to provide broad and ongoing education that aims to prevent sexual violence, sexual harassment and sexual discrimination, and encourages and supports the development of healthy relationships.  This is an institutional responsibility that is met by consistent and effective partnership across divisions of the college.  

The Title IX Working Group helps guide appropriate connections and collaborations and serves as an advisory body to the Title IX Office and helps to identify, develop, deliver, and review and assess ongoing community education around issues of healthy relationships, sexual violence, sexual harassment and sexual discrimination.  The work of the Title IX Working Group will emphasize outreach to the student population however, additional outreach or programming may, where appropriate, be applied to employees of the campus community as well.  


List of Members:

  • Linda Eaton: Co-Chair
  • Tanhena Pacheco Dunn: Co-Chair
  • Emily Bazinet
  • Robin Cohen-La Valle
  • Corinna Caracci
  • Michelle Combs
  • Emma Morcone
  • Robert Moysey
  • Danielle Strauchler
  • Shanna Vitale