Special Programs

London Theatre Seminar

The London Theatre Seminar introduces students to the historical, political and socio-cultural attributes of theatre in London, the artistic and intellectual hub of theatre in the English-speaking world. Over two weeks during winter break, students attend performances of plays, musicals and dance in commercial, fringe, ethnic and cross-cultural venues throughout the city and its environs. Performances are discussed and contextualized in a series of classes which are supplemented through visits to museums, galleries, historic sites and backstage tours of theatres and studios. Students also participate in hands-on workshops and interact with guest lecturers from professional theatre in the U.K. This 3-credit course is intended to culminate in a broader understanding of contemporary Western culture though a synthesis of history, art and society viewed through the lens of theatre.

Link to London Theatre Seminar slide show.


A number of scholarships are available to be awarded specifically to outstanding theatre students: the Bruce Bennett Scholarship, the Dr. Edwin A. Ulrich Theatre Scholarship, and the John Morrow/Vera Rushforth Irwin Scholarship. Additional financial awards are available through the university.