The Department is so proud of our alumni and ever-growing network of professionals. If you are an alumni, please contact us and let us know what you are up to—we are always looking for alumni to profile.

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Continuing the tradition, the Department hosts a panel of alumni who discuss the entertainment industry, their career paths, and answer questions from current students.

We will also host a reception and a performance of our production for all to see.

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Alumni Profile

Jhanaë Kadie-Chantal Bonnick:

Currently I'm the ASM on Master with The Foundry Theatre but it has been a roller coaster ride to end up here. Since graduating 2 1/2  years ago I've slowly worked my way through the broad ranks of NYC stage management. I've worked as run crew, an SM intern, the PSM Off-Off-Broadway, a PA Off- Broadway, the ASM Off-Broadway, the PA on Broadway and most recently I've been the sub ASM on a Broadway show. It's been a whirlwind of a time learning both how to navigate a freelance career and improving to work at such a high caliber. New Paltz was such an amazing springboard for me to get to where I am now- there's no way I could have without it. Not just through the faculty connections that lead in some roundabout way or another to all of my early jobs, but also in the work ethic and professionalism that was instilled in me. I was given the space to really explore stage management while there and it has had immeasurable real world applications since I've been gone. Top all that off with the supportive faculty always there with a word of advice (or several) and New Paltz not only got me to where I am, but is key


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