Theatre Studies

Our Mission

The Theatre Studies concentration of the Department of Theatre Arts is where students explore the intersection of research and practice. This concentration uses the foundation of the core requirements to nurture both scholars and practitioners through advanced courses in both areas. Students in the concentration explore their interests in dramaturgy, directing, management, and producing.



  1. Increase student awareness of the diverse collaborative potential on production.
  2. Enhance student knowledge of theatre history, dramatic literature, and critical theory.
  3. Expand student experience both as scholars/critics and practitioners.
  4. Develop student familiarity of the range of possibilities and potential for career paths in the Theatre Studies area.


Curricular and Co-curricular Opportunities

The foundational class in the theatre studies area in the Dramaturgycourse. In this advanced course, students learn about the craft of the playwright, the art of working as a dramaturge on theatre production, and the function of a dramaturge within an institutional theatre. Moreover, students are introduced to the model of the scholar/practitioner and are encouraged to strive for that ideal in their work as dramaturges, collaborators, and critics.


Students are also required to enroll in a balance of advanced courses in both theatre research and theatre practice. These include academic courses in history, literature, and theory weighed equally with courses in directing, devising, and management. This balanced approach enables students to further explore opportunities on the Department of Theatre Arts Mainstage and Blackbox productions as dramaturges, directors, collaborators, and managers.


Professional Pathways

Finally, students learn about the variety of professional pathways in the field. Students in the Theatre Studies area explore field trips, workshops, and internship opportunities to learn about the countless ways that they might join and work in the profession. Through a combination of classroom preparation and practical experience, they prepare to explore those possibilities.