Our Mission

The Department of Theatre Arts is dedicated to engaging New Paltz students in a dynamic, experiential, and diverse educational experience. The program offers students a unique combination of contemporary theory and practice within the context of a broad-based and humanistic liberal arts tradition. The faculty of teachers, artists, and scholars provides students with models of excellence in our classrooms, on our stages, in major theatre centers in the United States, and in the global performing arts community.

The Theatre Arts Department at New Paltz offers the Bachelor of Arts degree. For Theatre majors, the curriculum presents a solid foundation in the history, literature, theory, and applied practice of theatre, giving relevance and meaning to a student’s artistic endeavors. General education students experience Theatre Arts as a humanistic endeavor, within multiple historical and cultural landscapes. 

A rich, provocative, and varied series of productions expose students to a wide array of theatrical artists, styles, cultures, and genres. The departmental production program provides opportunities for students and faculty to work together creatively and collaboratively.

The departmental venues and production studios are an extension of the classroom, where students get to put into practice what they have learned in their classes.  In addition, participation in and attendance at theatre productions provides all university students with an understanding and insight into the history, theory, tools, techniques, and technology of theatre.

Goals for Theatre Student Learning

To nurture the discovery and exploration of creativity

To develop skills in critical thinking and communication, both oral and written

To foster the development of skills and the mastery of techniques

To provide professional models of theatre excellence within a liberal arts setting

To create a variety of theatre production experiences for the benefit of the students, the university, and the wider community