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In general, there are three different types of work order activities that may be ordered by using the Work Order Form

  1. Repairs or troubles
  2. Installation of a new phone, move, change, or disconnection of an existing phone, and
  3. Installation of a network connection

NOTE – The Work Order form isn’t used for directory changes, or hunt groups and menus (Call Handling Services). 

  1. For Repairs or Troubles

All telephone, voicemail, or line problems that occur during working hours should be reported to the Telecommunications Help Desk at or x4357.  You may also fill out the Work Order Form and email it to or fax it to x3009.  Normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

When reporting the problem, please supply the following information.

  • The name and extension of the person reporting the trouble, and the extension of the trouble (if different). This will allow a repair technician to contact someone familiar with the details.
  • The specific location of the problem (e.g., the building and room number).
  • A description of the problem. This may be as simple as "No dial tone." The more information you provide, the easier it will be to isolate the problem.

During non-business hours and on holidays, critical problems should be reported to the University Police Department (x2222). 

Critical Problems
Critical problems are those that have a severe impact on the operation of any area –

  • No dial tone on many phones,
  • The telephone system is partially or completely down,
  • An entire residence hall or building is without telephone service,
  • UPD is without telephone service,
  • The campus cannot receive incoming calls,
  • The campus cannot make outgoing calls,
  • The voice mail system is partially or completely down, or
  • The PBX or remote node rooms lose power

Non-Critical Problems
Non-critical problems are those that affect an individual phone – no dial tone, the inability to hear a caller, the inability to dial a phone, or the inability to leave or retrieve messages from an individual voice mailbox

Access for Repair in Facility/Administrative Areas
It is assumed that a telephone technician will have access to the repair location during normal business hours.  If an area is inaccessible, and no prior arrangements were made for access, repair of the trouble may be delayed.

Access for Repair in Dormitory Rooms
Repairs that require a telephone technician to visit a student’s dormitory room are scheduled through the Telecommunications Help Desk and the Office of Residence Life.  Further, an escort must be provided by the campus Housing Office (e.g., a resident assistant) to accompany the repair technician while he or she is working in a student room.

Power Outages and System Failures
In the event of a power outage, the main phone system and the voice mail system will remain operational because they are on the main generator.  However, other areas of the campus may be affected if the backup power systems fail at other locations.

Outside Carriers Response to Troubles
Outside Carriers whose equipment resides in Telecommunications space may gain access to this space during working hours by calling Telecommunications Resources and Infrastructure Services.  They will not have access to this space during non-working hours. 

Stole or Vandalized Telephones
Please report stolen or vandalized telephones so that we may replace them as soon as possible.

  1. For Services Other than Repairs

For moves, additional services, or changes of service, please fill out the Work Order Form *  Below are the instructions


Section One: Scope of Work

In the “Scope of Work” section on the work order form, check off what you want done. 

a.         If you are submitting a repair order, check the box (  ) Repair Extension or (  ) Repair LAN Connection, giving us the location and a description of the problem.   Repair orders are handled before other requests.

b.         If you are submitting a request for installation of a new phone, please check off  (  ) New Extension – Analog or Digital and include the following:

  • building and room location
  • whether you want an analog or digital phone
  • whether you will need a voicemail box attached to the phone
  • whether you will need a LAN connection
  • whether a listing should be included in the online directory for the new phone (if a directory listing is requested, please fill out “DIRECTORY INFORMATION.”

c.         If you are submitting a request for the move of an existing phone, please put the extension number on the top right and fill in the “Move Extension:_________   From: __________   To:________” information using the building and room numbers.  It is NOT necessary to submit a directory change for the move of a phone as that information is updated through the work order system.

d.         If you are submitting any Other Change of  existing phone or service, please put the extension number on the top right and then note what changes you need.  Changes include:

  • The type of phone (analog to digital or vice versa);
  • Changes in the department being billed;
  • Dialing access (including international calling, which requires the signature of the Dean or Director of the department);
  • Voicemail box changes.

e.         If you are submitting a disconnection of service, please put the extension number on the top right and check “Other Change” and write “Disconnect extension # ____” next to it.

Directory Information

Please fill out this section to ensure that the name, title, and email address will appear in the directory.  You may also list the name that will appear when this extension rings a phone with a digital display.

Administrative Information

 Administrative Information:

  • Date the work order is filled out
  • Date the work is needed (enter ASAP if you would like the work performed as soon as a technician is available)
  • Name of the department
  • Account number to be charged for the work
  • Contact person within your department that Telecommunications should contact if there are any questions regarding the work being requested.
  • Contact Extension
  • Contact Email Address for email notification that your work order has been received and assigned a number

The usual turnaround time for a service request is five working days from the time it is received and logged by Telecommunications.  Service requests are handled on a first-come, first- served basis. 

  1. For a Network Connection

For the installation of a network connection, please check (  )  New LAN Connection, and fill in the following information:

  • The name and extension of the person requesting the connection,
  • The account number to be charged, and
  • The specific location of the connection (e.g., the building and room number).

Work Order Form

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