Data & Voice Infrastructure Projects

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By a project, we mean an activity that takes longer than a day, can be broken into components, that is larger in scope than installation of a few phone or network drops, and that is planned in advance.  In keeping with our mission to work in partnership with members of the SUNY New Paltz community, Telecommunications is committed to jointly developing an implementation plan for the project in a way that recognizes the commitments and availability of all involved parties.  Often these projects require the contribution of time/effort on the part of members of the community to clarify the scope of the project, to define the components of the project, to identify who will be responsible for completing each component, to estimate how long each component will take to complete, to develop a project plan showing the total time to complete the entire project, and to estimate and allocate the total project cost to stake holders.  Examples of Telecommunications projects include setting up Hunt Groups and Menus, the installation of complete communications infrastructure in the renovated Vandenburg Hall, and the systematic addition of blue light phones to campus locations.

Installation of New Cable and Facilities
Involvement by Telecommunications must occur during the initial planning stages of any renovation or new construction project.  The Director of Telecommunications should be contacted to coordinate this activity; all applicable blue prints and construction drawings should be provided to Telecommunications at this time.